Marlies Schild

Marlies Schild

Also Marlies kept going back to the know how of Schild Skiracing to prepare for the World Cup with her brother Josef and the Schild Skiracing coaching staff!

Marlies skied for the first time at the age of 2 - after much begging and pleading. At that time the desire arose to become a professional skiracer. Already with 6 years Marlies participated in the first race and won the first trophies in the children's cup. With 10 years the training was becoming increasingly specific in Salzburg student selection. The task was to combine sport and school the best possible way. With 13 Marlies crashed in a regional cuprace - cruciate ligament tear! The result was an operation, which in turn brought a cancellation for the entire season and partly laborious reconstruction training. Nevertheless Marlies managed to get into the ski high school Stams the same year.

The following years were indeed marked by injuries in the already battered knees again and again, yet 1998 she managed to step into the junior team of the Austrian Ski Federation. This meant that her goal was a big step closer again, but still had much work to do.

Marlies worked herselv via FIS races into the European Cup and finally into the World Cup. She also finished the ski high school Stams in 2000. Since that time Marlies is a "fully professional" skiracer.

The rest is history ... Countless victories in the World Cup, World Championships, Olympic medals, and much more.

Here is an overview of the most important victories - to list all the podiums is way beyond scope!

2001/2002 Austrian slalom champion
2002/2003 WC slalom silver in St. Moritz
2003/2004 First slalom worldcup victory!
  First giant slaloms
2004/2005 First giant slalom worldcup victory!
  Double victory in Semmering
  WC combination silver in Bormio
2005/2006 Tripple slalom victory
  Olympic combination silver
  Olympic bronze (slalom)
2006/2007 2x winner of the overall world cup (slalom & combination)
  7 slalom victories & 1 super-combination victory
  WC silver Âre (slalom)
  WC bronze (combination)
  WC gold (team)
  2nd place overall Worldcup
2007/2008 Overall slalom champion - 5 worldcup victories
2009/2010 Olympic silver (slalom)
  3 worldcup victories
2010/2011 6 worldcup victories
  WC gold (slalom) in Garmisch Partenkirchen
  WC silver (team)
  Overall slalom victory
2011/2012 6 worldcup victories
  Overall slalom victory
2013/2014 Olympic silver in Sochi
  2 worldcup victories
2014 End of career

Bernadette Schild

Bernadette Schild

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Bernadette is athlete of the ÖSV national team

Most important achievements:

Junior and European Cup

2007/2008 Slalom Junior World Champion
2008/2009 Slalom Junior Vice World Champion
2009/2010 Overall Slalom 1st place


2012/2013 2nd place Lenzerheide
2013/2014 3rd place Courchevel
  3rd Kranjska Gora
2016/2017 3rd Squaw Valley
2017/2018 3rd Killington
  2nd Flachau
2018/2019 3rd Levi
Bernadette Schild
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Bernadette Schild
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